Players Club

William Hill Players Club rewards everybody, from beginners taking their first steps in poker to online professionals at the top of their game.

As of April 2015 you can improve your Club Status FASTER! So you can shoot straight to the top in no time at all!

The steps to your Club benefits are simple:

  1. Play poker to accrue WHPoints (WHPs)
  2. Reach your desired Club Status
  3. Earn your Club Points (CPs)
  4. Convert your Club Points for rewards

Enjoy Poker, Get your Club Status and unlock rewards.

The Points

When playing at William Hill Poker, you earn two types of points:

1. WHPoints (WHPs)

2. Club Points (CPs)

The Points

At William Hill Poker, each Club Status level has a set amount of WHPoints (WHPs) required for entry.

The WHPoints (WHPs) you accumulate in a calendar month determine your Club Status for the current month and is kept for the next month!

Check the Club Status info below:

Club StatusWHPoints Required

For example, if a player accumulates 25 WHPoints (WHPs) on a given calendar month, he will immediately be upgraded to ClubStatus2. If the player accumulates 175 WHPoints (WHPs) more in the same month, he will advance to ClubStatus3 and so on.

The Freerolls

Being at least ClubStatus2 player at William Hill Poker has its perks. One of those is our schedule of daily and monthly freeroll tournaments. You're eligible for entry into these exclusive daily & monthly tournaments, depending on your Club status. The higher your status, the more tournaments you have access to.

The Monday Top Up

How does getting paid every Monday sound? You can now receive up to €5 in Cash every week.

Get €0.5 cash in return for every 50 WHP's you earn each week this month. So what are you waiting for? Hit the poker tables and rack up the WHP's now!

Players are required to OPT IN in order to be eligible for the “Monday Top Up” Bonus.

The Shop

Put your Club Points to good use by swapping them for cash or tournament tickets or live event Packages. Depending on the amount of Club Points you have in your William Hill Poker account you can receive various rewards, ranging from €2 and all the way up to a whopping €2,500.

Terms & Condition