iPoker RNG Certification

At William Hill Poker, fair play is an integral part of our gaming philosophy. This is why we ensure all measures are put in place to afford our players an equitable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Paramount to our secured Poker game play policy is RNG/Shuffling, which ensures a fair game result for all players. The implementation of this system and its algorithms provide security for players, ensuring an even distribution of cards, whereby no sequence or relationship can be discovered between cards in any way or form.

William Hill Poker utilizes the RNG/Shuffling solution in full confidence as the solution itself is unaware of what is transpiring in the actual game. When the software requires a random card, the RNG itself is not privy to details such as which player requires the card or which hand is strongest/weakest. We therefore deem the method and tool wholly impartial and superior to the physical shuffling of cards.

The RNG/Shuffling employs an algorithm formula - in short, a series of instructions for the generation of numbers. The mathematical scope of the tool surpasses that of human competence, but can, however, be checked for accuracy.  Checks are performed by the Casino Control Board and other independent testing laboratories to ensure the program performs accurately.

William Hill Poker RNG Certification