Speed Poker

Speed Poker is the exciting fast-fold poker game available at William Hill Poker. The instant fold functionality means you stay in the action at all times, as you are taken to a new table the moment you fold a hand. This revolutionary new way of playing poker allows players to experience the thrill and excitement of poker without having to wait for your opponents to act. With Speed Poker, the action is always on YOU!

To find a Speed Poker game in the William Hill Poker software, simply go to the Speed Poker tab and choose your preferred game:

  • Cash Hold'em
  • Cash Omaha

How does it work?

Joining a Speed Poker table enters you into a large player pool. You will play each hand as you would on a normal table, but when you fold your hand you are immediately moved to the next available open slot at another Speed Poker table.

Speed Games

Join the Speed Poker games for some exciting, fast-paced action.

you can jump into the games and start playing right away!

Each Speed Poker stake level has a separate player pool. Joining a Speed Poker game is simple - here's what you need to do:

1. Go to the Speed tab

2. Select your Speed game

3. Click on "Join game"

Remember: you can always click on the "Speed Fold" button and be dealt into a new hand at a new table!