Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go tournaments have a fixed number of seats and start once all those seats are taken, so you can always be sure of a quick game, day or night.

Buy-in starts at £1; if you're feeling more confident we have denominations up to £500 for you to play.

Sit & Go Tournaments are available with 10 seats, and also in smaller 6 seater version known as six-packs.

What Is A Sit & Go Tournament?

A Sit & Go will begin as soon as the required number of players have registered. All players will receive an equal amount of chips to begin the tournament. The tournament will generally continue until all but one player has been eliminated.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click on the Sit & Go tab in the lobby of the software. You will be presented with a screen showing information about the tournaments on offer, including the Tournament I.D, Name, Game type, Buy-in, Status and the number of players already registered. Once the maximum number (either 6 or 10) of players is reached the tournament will start.

Select the tournament that interests you and additional information will appear in the Table Info panel to the right of the screen, including how many tournament chips you will receive, and what the prizes will be. Simply click the Register button. You will be asked for confirmation. If you click Register again you will be ready to play. A tick sign will appear in the lobby next to the tournament you have entered.

How Will I Know When The Tournament Is Due To Start?

When all the seats in the tournament are taken a pop up box will appear on your screen telling you that the tournament is just about to begin. Click the Take me to the tournament button and you will be seated on the tournament table.

How Are The Prizes Awarded?

Once the tournament has been completed the system will automatically credit the accounts of the winners. Generally the First, Second and Third places will receive a percentage of the prize fund.