Cash Games

Cash Games, or Ring Games, are the real heartbeat of Online Poker. Unlike tournaments, the blinds never increase so Cash Games test your skills on all streets - the Flop, the Turn and the River.

What is a Cash Game?

Cash Games are the staple diet of the regular Poker player. You can buy-in to a game for between 20 and 100 Big Blinds. This means if you play on a £0.03/£0.06 table you can bring in a minimum of £1.20 and up to £6. If you move up to £1/£2 tables, your range will be between £20 and £400!

There is no determined start or finish time for a Cash Game; a game will start when two or more players sit at the table and will continue until the last players leave. There will be a maximum number of players that can play at any one time.

Table information is available in the lobby area. Once a game has started, players may leave the table at any time and new players may join if the table (if there is a seat available), at any time.

How to Choose a Table.

There are all kinds of Cash Tables from heads-up to ten-handed, from small limits to $1,000+ blinds. There are pot limit, fixed limit and no-limit games and, of course, you can play any for cash.

Firstly, you need to decide whether to play full or short-handed. You'll play around 60 hands per hour in a full-ring against up to nine other players. You can also expect to be dealt up to 60 hands an hour at our fast and furious Sixpak tables. Heads-up cash is just one-on-one.

Joining a Table

Click on Hold'em in the Poker lobby. You can then select your limit type: Fixed Limit, No Limit or Pot Limit. Select the name of the game you are interested in and additional information will appear in the table information panel to the right of the screen.

Either double click or press the Play/Watch button underneath the table information panel to open up the table. Then click on 'Seat Open' and away you go.

Basic Strategy

Tournament Poker may have some major swings but Cash Games will truly test your skills. If you're a first time cash player you should try to play the opposite to the rest of the table. So, if everyone's playing aggressively, you should play passively and trap with your big hands. If you're opponents are timid, you should make lots of bets and win pots without a fight. Don't just play your hand, play the player too!