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Luton UKPT

Der Urlaub ist vorbei, die Kinder sind wieder in der Schule bzw. dem Kindergarten und unsree Woche an der Nordsee ist nur noch eine ferne Erinnerung. I’ve gently eased myself back into play after a couple of weeks off & certainly on the UK circuit, there seems to have been something on every week.

The Luton leg of the UKPT was the first big event back on UK soil since Vegas & the WSOP. I headed down on the Monday & was set to play the two hold’em sides & the Main Event. The numbers were good in all the events, it was just a shame that I never got near a final table.

As is often the way with tournaments, I wondered if I should have bothered with the side events as I never really got going in either, A-K getting crushed by K-4 in the 200NL & (rather embarrassingly) virtually blinded out in the 500NL. I decided to skip the Omaha event in the hope that a night off would prove the missing ingredient for the following days main event.

My starting table was ok & I managed to slowly build up from 10k. On one hand I check raised the short-stacked pre flop raiser with 10h-7h on a 9h,6h,4c; he shoved with A-A, I called & the 8h arrived immediately giving me the straight flush. Pretty sweet; players are always looking for signs of an imminent good run & I really thought this could be a great Day 1.

Sitting on 15k in Level 5 I raised to 800 with J-J & both blinds called. I bet 1500 on the 8,6,5 flop & the SB made it 3800. He’d been pretty steady up to this point & right then I think I could have found a fold given the nature of the flop. I decided however, to take a card & fold if he led out on the turn. Well the turn came a jack which meant I was never folding. He led out for 4500, I shoved & he snap called with 7-9 (funnily enough I’d played a short 1-2NL cash session with him the previous afternoon & he’d cracked my K-K with a flopped straight).

I’ve been playing a bit more cash lately; in fact paying for lessons is probably a more accurate description. I’m sure there’s a reasonable living to be made in my local game & the pace is a little less pressured than that of a tournament. The banter’s good & I’m quite enjoying a new challenge. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m swerving the Cardiff UKPT this week as the EPT season has now started. I didn’t fancy the Kiev leg but am really looking forward to hitting Barcelona later this week for what is sure to be a massive payday for whoever can negotiate their way through to the final table. September is one of the biggest months on the calendar now with the $5000 English Poker Open at DTD & the big London pairing of the £10,000 WSOPE & the £5000 London EPT.