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Speed Poker

For the fastest and most exhilarating poker you can find, nothing beats William Hill Canada’s Speed Poker. Compared to “regular” poker, which has patience-challenging portions of down time during which a player has to wait until the hand is completed after he or she folds, Speed Poker is all about quick transitions. As soon as you fold your hand in Speed Poker, the instant-fold function moves you to another table and to a fresh hand of poker. The tempo in Speed Poker, therefore, is always quick and the action is non-stop

There are three types of Speed Poker games on tap here:

  • Cash Hold'em
  • Cash Omaha
  • Tournaments

*The William Hill Poker software must be installed on your PC for the Quick Launch button to operate.

How does it work?

As part of a big pool of players, you will enjoy Speed Poker’s flexibility and convenience, along with the action that never stops. The games are the same as the poker games you’re accustomed to, but the Quick-Fold feature adds an exciting - and fast - dimension. As soon as you fold your hand, you are transferred immediately to a new table, to be dealt into a new hand with no waiting.

Note: Clicking “Speed Fold” at any point in the game, will move you to a different table and give you the opportunity to begin a new hand.

Speed Cash Games

Speed Poker cash games are quick and action-packed. They’re perfect for the player who dislikes the post-fold down time and is happy when the game moves along at a fast clip. You can play Speed Texas Hold’em or Omaha at William Hill Poker Canada and enjoy the advantage of finding yourself at a new table as soon as you fold.

To join a Speed Poker cash game, the process is easy:

1. Locate the Speed Poker tab and select "Cash Omaha" or "Cash Hold'em.”

2. Select your stake amount.

3. Click "Join Now."

Speed Tournaments

Speed Poker becomes even faster and more exciting when you play in a tournament format. As in cash games, when you want to fold, you click, “Speed Fold,” and you’ll find yourself with a new hand at a new table. This fast-paced poker format is not for the faint-hearted, but it will appeal to anyone who gets bored just watching other people play, and who prefers to be in the heart of the action as much as possible.

Tournament Speed Poker and Cash Speed Poker are different in one important way. In tournament play, when the final table is reached the Speed function is no longer accessible (the game reverts to the regular format, without the Quick-Fold feature).

To start playing in a Speed Tournament follow these simple directions:

1. On the Speed Poker tab, select "Tournaments"

2. Choose the tournament you would like to join

3. Click "Register Now"