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Sit & Go Tournaments

Single-Table Tournaments are often called Sit & Go Tournaments, and they are a popular and exciting way to play Poker at William Hill.

Single-Table Tournaments (interchangeably referred to as Sit & Go Tournaments) have a specific number of seats and play starts when all the seats at a table are filled. At William Hill Poker Canada, a new Sit & Go table opens as soon as a table closes, so our members never have to wait long for a seat at a poker table. Most of our Sit & Go tables have 10 seats, although there are smaller tables with six seats, referred to as 6-packs.

Sit & Go’s have a minimum buy-in of $1, but buy-ins can climb to $500 for high rollers.

What Is A Sit & Go Tournament?

Sit & Go Tournaments (or Single-Table Tournaments) are poker games that begin when the table is full and all participants have signed up. Players at Sit & Go’s start with an equal number of chips and play ends when all but one player are knocked out. The remaining player is the winner.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registering for a Sit & Go Tournament at William Hill Poker Canada is easy and convenient. In the software lobby, find the Sit & Go tab and click on it. This will lead to a screen that shows the open tournaments and pertinent details, including the tournament name and identification number; the kind of game and the buy-in amount; the status of the game and the current number of registered players. When one table fills up (there are 10-player tables and 6-player tables), the tournament starts (and another table will open up).

When you find a tournament that sounds right to you, click on it and more information will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, in the “Table Information” section. Details here will include the prize money and the number of chips that each player will receive to start. Click “Register,” and then click “Confirmation.” After clicking “Register” once again, you will be officially signed up and a check will appear in the box next to the tournament in which you’re about to play.

How Will I Know When The Tournament Is Due To Start?

One you register for a particular Sit & Go tournament, there will be a brief wait until all the seats at the table are filled (or no wait at all if you’ve taken the last seat). A pop-up box will inform you when the table is full and the tournament is about to begin. Click “Take Me to the Tournament,” and you will be whisked to your seat at the Sit & Go of your choice. Good luck!

How Are The Prizes Awarded?

At the end of a Single-Table Tournament, the winners’ accounts will be credited automatically by our computerized system. While the winner is technically the last player remaining at the table, the second- and third-place players will usually be awarded a part of the prize fund, as well.