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Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Poker Tournaments are expanded Sit & Go tournaments, with more players, more tables and more money to be won.

Whereas Sit & Go Tournaments are played at one table, most major tournaments – the ones we watch on TV, for instance – are multi-table tournaments, with many players sitting at multiple tables. In the course of play, as players are eliminated, the tables combine until there is just one table left and then just one player remaining. There is big money involved in multi-table tournaments, especially at William Hill Poker’s monthly tournaments.

Multi-table tournaments can be seen as stepping-stones for players who are aiming for bigger and better things. They can be a rung in the ladder leading up to major tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker, and a way for an ambitious poker player to climb through the rankings.


What Is A Multi Table Tournament?

At William Hill Poker Canada, we take our multi-player tournaments seriously. In this type of tournament, many people come together, albeit seated at different tables, and they play poker until one winner remains, after everyone else has been eliminated. As players are knocked out, remaining players move around to form fewer tables; the number of tables decreases along with the number of players. This type of tournament ends when one player remains and is declared the winner.

How Do I Sign Up For The Tournament?

In the William Hill Poker software lobby, click on the “Multi” button. A screen will appear with details about the multi-table tournaments that are available. Information includes the number of players who have signed up, the amount of the buy-ins, the tournament status, and the game format.

After perusing the available multi-table tournaments, select the one you want to play in. The Table Information Panel on your screen’s right side will display more information about the chosen tournament, such as the number of chips you will receive and the prizes awaiting the winner.

To join, click “Register,” and then click it again to confirm. A check mark will appear next to the tournament you’ve joined. The starting times of our multi-table tournaments are listed in the poker software lobby.

Can I Pull Out Of The Tournament Once I Have Registered?

Up until the time a tournament begins, you still have the option of pulling out after you’ve registered. To opt out of a multi-table tournament that you’ve already signed up for, highlight the tournament and click “Unregister.” (You will see this option on the Table Information Panel.) This cancellation option is available until the tournament begins; once it is underway, you cannot use the unregister function.

How Will I Know When The Tournament Is Due To Start?

Multi-table tournaments have a predetermined number of players and tables, and the tournament will start when the seats are all filled. When the tournament you have registered for is ready to start, you will see a pop-up notification. Click “Take Me to the Tournament,” and you will find yourself seated at one of the tournament tables in no time.

How Are The Prizes Awarded?

Prizes for the winners of multi-table tournaments are calculated and awarded by our computerized system. If you click “Tournament Information,” you can see the payout percentages for first, second, and third places, etc. You can also access this information as the tournament unfolds in real time.

What Happens If I Get Disconnected During The Tournament?

If you are disconnected during play, our system will activate a “post and fold” mode for you. If that should happen, your blinds will be posted automatically and your hands will be folded when it is your turn.

What is a freeroll?

Freerolls are a great William Hill Poker Canada benefit. They are opportunities to enter tournaments for free, as a bonus from us to you. Freerolls let you make money without paying money. At William Hill, you’ll find daily freerolls when you access the “Multi” tab. Make sure your email is current in order to be updated when a William Hill freeroll is available.

What Is an All-in Lottery tournament?

Imagine a tournament in which every hand is an all-in hand and you’ll get the All-In Lottery Tournament picture. Register for this type of tournament if you’re ready to put everything on the line. Nerves of steel are not optional.