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Cash Games

Cash games, sometimes referred to as Ring Games, are the poker format most commonly played in Canada. In cash games, the blinds don’t go up, and a player’s skill and poker acumen are put to the test.


What is a Cash Game?

Cash poker games are widely played in Canada, particularly among amateur players. When you think of college games or “pick-up” games between friends, we are probably envisioning cash games (as opposed to tournaments). At William Hill Poker Canada, there is a wide range of buy-in amounts, starting at 20 Big Blinds and reaching 100 Big Blinds. As the stakes rise, so do the buy-ins for cash games.

Unlike Sit & Go Tournaments, there are no specific start and finish times for cash games. A game can begin as soon as two players take their seats, and players can join the game (and leave it) at any given point, although there is an upper limit (10 players) to the number of players able to play at a cash table at one time. A cash game continues until no one remains.

Take a look at the Cash Games lobby area to find more information.

How to Choose a Table.

At William Hill Poker Canada, we have an assortment of cash games, such as heads-up (two-player) games and 10-player games. For timid players there are cash tables with low limits, while for the bolder, more experienced player there are cash games with Blinds that exceed $1,000. You will also find no-limit games, along with fixed-limit and pot-limit cash games.

There is a big difference between heads-up play (when you compete in a cash game with only one other player), and playing at a multi-seat cash game. We offer 10-player cash tables, as well as six-seat tables (known as 6-packs), for those who may shy away from heads-up cash games.

Joining a Table

To join a cash game, click “Hold’em” in the William Hill Poker lobby and then choose between fixed-limit, pot-limit, or no-limit. Choose the game you want to join, and more details will appear in the Table Information section on the right-hand side of your screen.

You will also see the “Play/Watch” button; use it to open a table and take a seat (“Seat Open”).

Basic Strategy

Because the blinds are stable in cash games – as opposed to tournaments where the blinds rise swiftly – players can focus purely on strategy. A key factor in successful cash game strategy is “taking the pulse” of the other players at the table and then playing differently than they’re playing.

If the others at the table are playing aggressively and loosely, for instance, play a tight game and bide your time until a strong hand comes along. If your opponents seem timid, dial up the aggression to put the pressure on them. In cash games, you have to keep an eye on your cards while taking a measure of your competition, as well.